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             Poinsettias       The Christmas Flower

         Here's your pop-quiz for the day:   What color is the flower on the above poinsettia?
                             If you answered yellow you're right!     Yellow?
    The actual flower of a poinsettia is the tiny yellow buds you see in the center of the above photo.
.   The red color above is called the bract.  
     Did you know that all poinsettias start out the same color?   Green!
     As their growing season progresses the bracts will gradually turn their final color of red, white,

      pink or any combination of colors depending on the variety.
          At one time we grew poinsettias here at the farm and it was absolutely amazing watching

      this progress.  It would look like the color was being "poured" into the plant as weeks went by.
     Poinsettias are actually a 6 month crop, most plants started from cuttings back in June and July. 
     So, now you can impress your friends and family as a poinsettia expert this holiday season.
                                                (You're Welcome! )
     Care Tips for your Holiday Poinsettia:

     If you are selecting the plant yourself, be sure to check the center of the bracts that there is
     still a flower there. If it is in tight bud, even better. When bringing it home insist that it is
     covered in a sleeve or bag. Even a few moments in extreme cold will cause the bracts to fall

      once you get it home. (The last thing you want is a "Charlie Brown" poinsettia)
     Poinsettias like bright, indirect light and be sure to keep them away from heat sources and
     any cold drafts. They like to be kept moderately moist.
     Hope these tips help. Follow them and you'll enjoy your poinsettia for months after Christmas!

                From our family to yours:  Merry Christmas!


        Now closed for the 2017 Season

Our thanks for visiting the Farm this past year!

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